Aspirin Can Be A “Panacea” To Help A Green Garden

A few aspirin tablets can be used effectively to help plants grow healthy. How to use this “panacea”, you can refer to the useful gardening tips below.

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Increase plant growth and yield

At the University of Rhode Island, horticulturalists mixed a solution containing four crushed aspirin tablets with four liters of water. Then spray their vegetable garden every 3 weeks during the growing season. At the end of the harvest, compared to the area not sprayed, the garden area sprayed had a higher yield.

They concluded that aspirin contains an active ingredient called salicylic acid. It is derived from the bark of the willow tree. This acid helps strengthen the immune system of the plant naturally. When plants increase their immune system, they will also help to resist pests and bacterial attacks, prevent the formation of fungi, resulting in a higher growth rate than conventional planting.

Helps plants fight fungal diseases

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Aspirin can be used to combat fungal diseases of plants. According to a recent study by the US Department of Agriculture, the use of aspirin to spray plants can significantly reduce the spread of fungus. Gardeners can mix aspirin with distilled water to create a special medicine to prevent many diseases for tomatoes or potatoes. You can also soak the seeds in an aspirin solution just before sowing to improve germination rates.

Helps flowers stay fresh longer

If you use B1 to help flowers last longer and bloom quickly, you can use Aspirin mixed in flower arrangement to help flowers stay fresh longer.

According to Judy Jernstedt, a professor of botanical studies at the University of California, salicylic acid reduces the production of ethylene, which helps flowers stay fresher longer.

Help successful cuttings

Mix a glass of distilled water with an aspirin tablet, soak the cuttings in this solution for a few hours, they will improve the roots quickly and make the plant stronger after cutting.


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