There are always two opposites in each person, the good side and the bad side. The dominant part will determine what kind of person you are, good or bad, angel or devil.

Angel and Devil-By H.mun

In every person, there are always two sides, good and evil, that is the law. Angel and demon nature are also two balanced sides to form a human being. These two exist in parallel, if one is lost, the other cannot exist either. Inside a murderer there is still a bit of humanity, inside a smiling person still contains the heart of the devil.
The Bible says that Lucifer was originally an angel loved by God and had great power. However, when God announced that he would create mankind, Lucifer considered himself to be the one that mankind must obey and worship.
He summoned the rebellious angels and waged a war in the heavens. In the end, Lucifer lost and was sent to hell, becoming Satan. The image of Lucifer is referred to as the transformation of a person from an angel to a demon.
The demon in you always demands what pleases it. It wants to be alone, to see everything around it through the eyes of darkness, to despise everything, to proudly despise all that belongs to angels. Angel with a mission to tame evil spirits. Although he couldn’t kill the beast demon, he still knew how to let the demon get bored, tired and sometimes want to find a place to rest. The demon wants freedom, wild wildness. Angels on the contrary want only good things and gentleness, hating all the wrathful wrath in the demonic nature.

Although sometimes I’m a demon, sometimes I’m an angel. They are never confused with each other. They help us to see the full face of life through many orientations. They know how to live peacefully, it is clear that their functions are not confused. That creates brief moments in your life, blessed to see extraordinary things that if only one of the devil or angel you would miss.
Learn to be patient, until your angels and demons mingle in love. They no longer call each other by names, no longer distinguish between good and evil, beautiful and ugly, neither angel nor devil.

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