A rainy day with awesome snail and jackfruit salad

snail and jackfruit salad

These dishes are a special feature of Da Nang. Coming to Da Nang at any season of the year, you should enjoy a plate of mixed jackfruit or suckling snails-” Ốc Hút” to feel the delicious taste of these street foods. Currently, these two dishes are known as a very unique culinary feature in Da Nang.

jackfruit salad

With the mixed jackfruit dish, the basic ingredient is made from boiled young jackfruit and then chopped or torn to mix the salad, this mixed jackfruit dish must be mixed with shredded pork skin, pounded peanuts, fried onions. , sweet and sour fish sauce with some laksa leaves and basil. All mixed together, creating a seductive fragrance, the color is also very attractive. Eating mixed jackfruit is indispensable for crispy baked rice paper. Break a piece of rice paper, scoop out a piece of mixed jackfruit, the crispiness of the rice paper, the fleshy and sweet taste of the young jackfruit, the crunchiness of the pork skin, the flavor of peanuts, fried onions and a little spicy chili. , herbs… all create an irresistible taste.

“Ốc Hút”

Da Nang is also famous for fried snails with chili and lemongrass, which locals often call “Ốc Hút”. Snails are soaked thoroughly, cut off their ass, washed and then drained, fried with lemongrass and chili, spices, the recipe is nothing special but the taste is unforgettable. Perhaps it is because of the inherent richness in the cooking method of Da Nang people that has created the attraction for this dish.

snail and jackfruit salad

On cold windy days, friends often gather together to enjoy snails, they sit on the sidewalk, eating and talking happily.The rich taste with lemongrass flavor, spicy chili, served with sweet and sour pickled papaya makes guests have to praise the deliciousness.

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