6 signs that you are lacking in self-confidence

6 signs that you are lacking in self-confidence (photo: Hmun)

Everyone has low self-confidence at times in life, but if these feelings are repeated often, it can seriously affect your health and quality of life.

1. You are too competitive with someone

– You often feel self-deprecating, jealous, competitive, comparing with others, as long as they are better than you in something, you will see that you are not good enough. Otherwise you think you are better than everyone else, no one is better than you.

2. You are too perfectionist in everything

This unhealthy perfectionism can lead to loss of motivation, increased anxiety, burnout and even depression.
– Do you always want to do everything perfectly to gain recognition from others?
– You set unrealistic expectations for yourself, and then if you don’t achieve the expected results, you’re disappointed, blaming and criticizing yourself?

3. You get angry very easily

You get angry very easily (photo : Hmun)

– You get angry easily even with just one gesture or someone’s action.
– You often have difficulties and conflicts in relationships from colleagues, bosses, lovers or even in the family. This anger has the potential to destroy all relationships you have.

4. You are a person who always pleases others

– You have difficulty saying no to others, you find it awkward to hurt someone.
You appear happy on the outside but you are very upset and frustrated on the inside . You even accept to do things that go against your life values, just to want others to be happy.

5. You often have strong inner conflicts.

You often have strong inner conflicts. It’s like someone saying “You’re not good enough, not good enough”. “You can’t do it”. ” And those thoughts exhaust you.

6. You easily feel offended, criticized

Are you extremely sensitive to criticism from others? They make you feel hurt, stressed, heavy, doubting yourself.

In addition to the reasons from lack of self-knowledge, the lack of confidence is also caused by past wounds.


To regain confidence in yourself, you must find ways to deal with your negative emotions. In addition, you should also practice and learn more knowledge to improve your self-worth. That’s the only way to solve the problem completely.

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