5 types of bad friends you should stay away from

photo: Hmun

Everyone’s life has many relationships. What are good relationships and which are toxic relationships? And how do you know if you’re playing with a bad friend? The following signs will help you distinguish which are the bad friends you should stay away from.

1. Selfish persons

Selfish people have a narrow vision, only thinking of their own benefits, immesurable greed, never enough for them, they always demand, have as much as possible, there is no stopping.

2. Take advantage persons

The smart and malicious type often waits for the right opportunity to take benefit as much as possible, does very little but wants to enjoy a lot, and takes advantage of other people’s efforts. Making friends with these people will do more harm than good.

3. Persons who easy to be daunted

These people often plan, decide, and then get bored after a few days, meet a little difficulty, get discouraged, give up when everything just went on halfway, can’t finish anything. Be friend with these people means that they can’t cheer and encourage you when you have difficulties, in contrastion, it will make you lose all motivation, pulling you backward.

4. Dependent persons

This type of person is usually dependent, dont brainstorming, has no opinion, blindly follows up anybody’s instructions, expect someone help them out, doesnt try to do anything by themself, Even when they fail, they blame others, blame circumstances. These people will not be able to give you the good advice, rely on you, you may even get in trouble because of them.

5. Self-indulgent persons

People with a dissolute lifestyle, indulge themselves with emotions, spiritual and physical desires, no goals, plans… you should stay away. They can entice and draw you into temptations that make you dissolute , lose your will, give up on the great meaningful goals ahead.

“When you are not successful, don’t play with bad friends, they will say things that will discourage you. When you are successful, you should not play with bad friends because they will be jealous and try to bring you down.”

Have you meet any of these types of friends?

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