4 type of introverted people

We tend to misunderstand introverted and shy is the same, some of psychologist give a different perspective, carl jung described the introverted people is some one concentrate into their introverted soul of energy. Humans are very complex individuals. That’s why there are different types of introverts and extroverts. Psychologist, personality psychology lecturer – Jonathan Cheek and his colleagues have categorized four types of introverts including: social, thinking, anxious and controlling (“social”, ““ thinking”, “anxious”, )They named this model “STAR” after the first letter of each type.

  1. SOCIAL INTROVERT. introverts prioritize alone time, but not always. Social introverts get their energy from loneliness – one of the most stand out traits of introverts. That’s why they prefer to stay at home reading or playing on the computer than spending time with other people. They do not make this choice because of anxiety or lack of social skills but simply a personal preference.
    These people prefer informal gatherings with people they close instead of big parties and coffee dates with a large group of people. Be surrounded by so many strangers tỏtune them emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically.
  2. THINKING INTROVER:Thinking introverts like to immerse themselves in the hidden world of thoughts and knowledge. They are quiet deep thinking people because they love to hypothesize, create, generate ideas, and tell stories. According to Professor Cheek, thinking introverts “have the ability to get lost in an inner imaginary world, but not in a crazy way, but in an imaginative and creative way. It is fresh thinking and insights that make thinking introverts such gems in society.
  3. ANXIOUS INTROVERT: Unlike social introverts, anxious introverts don’t shy away from big parties and awkward feelings about facing or even thinking. about social interactions. They tend to repeat in their heads over and over things that did, or might not, follow the plan. However, these people still own the power and authority of silence. This type of introvert is more comfortable “behind the scenes” or with a small, peaceful group in the middle of a crowded event.
  4. RESTRAINED INTROVERT: The restrained introvert perhaps the least known type of introvert. They will like to socialize and become more open after getting used to the situation and the people in that situation. People with this type of introversion seem to work at a slower pace than others and often observe and think before they speak or act.

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